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What started as a way to satisfy my curiosity about how television programs and films are made, has since become a somewhat regular part-time job! So far, no SAG (speaking) roles, but it’s just a matter of time.

Updated: June 2017

Background Extra

Will Gardner (“Bar Patron”)

Waco (“Hotel Guest”)

The Night Shift (“Patient”)

Longmire (“Treasure Hunter”)

Hyde Park (“Townsperson #2”)

Better Call Saul (“Transient”)

Cliffs of Freedom (“Greek Rebel / Turk Soldier”)

Monsters of God (“Cowboy”)

Soldado (“Pickup Truck Driver”)

Get Shorty (“Southwestern Gambler / Trucker / Drug Buyer”)

T@gged (“Audience Member”)

Photo Double / Stand-In

Cowboy Drifter (Photo Double for “White Buffalo”)

Featured / Lead Role

Sanctuary (“Self”)


Hyde Park (Production Assistant / Stand-in / Art Dept)

My Page