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They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist

The story of my journey from a laboratory animal researcher to vegan. In this book, I have opened a raw wound in my heart to help people see behind the curtain and observe what actually takes place in what can only be described as true dungeons of despair. I chronicle the animals that I worked on – from mice to dogs to monkeys – and the terrible procedures that I performed on them as a matter of business. I share my reflections about my work and the traumatic memories I experience as a result, pulling no punches nor whitewashing the details of my previous profession. This book highlights the intense suffering and waste of thousands of lives in such a way as to leave the reader without any doubt about whether animal research is justified or required. (Vegan Publishers, March 2016)

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Author — 3 Comments

  1. Help! I’m looking for sponsors to help me get to book signings at vegfests around the US (or world). I’m hoping to share my story as far and wide as possible, so people know what goes on inside animal research labs.

    Since these are never profit-making events (unless you’re a best-selling author), and I am one of the vastly under-employed 99%, I cannot afford the transportation outside of my general area nor the registration costs of an exhibitor booth (typically $100-200).

    If you are part of an organization who would like to help me visit for a talk and Q&A and/or would like to sponsor or share a table with me at your local vegfest, please contact me!

    • Hi Michael. Though I struggle for cash flow as you do, I can post your book page on Facebook – my personal and nonprofit Facebook pages –
      will anderson and greenvegans. I understand the frustration of not being able to spread the word.

      All the best,

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