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In 2004, I started a webstore (and MST3K fan site) that focused on selling obscure, cheesy (and not so cheesy) films and Old Time Radio shows, delivered on DVD. Over 12 years later, the store is still going strong, but stay tuned, as I have plans to provide streaming and downloading options!

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Hard to believe I have been selling on eBay for over 17 years now!

I feature rare and unusual items, frequently sold on commission. You never know what will show up! Follow me on eBay and you won’t miss out when new items are added

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I sell many books on Amazon, whether they came from my personal library of used and new books, my own titles that I wrote, or rare and unusual books I sell on commission.

In addition, if you buy anything on Amazon (not just my items) they will send me a small commission. Your purchases are confidential (I never see them) and it doesn’t cost you anything. Simply visit Amazon through any of these links and earn me a couple of pennies. In return, you will earn my eternal thanks!

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