I became a vegan in 2006 after a short time as a vegetarian. Once I learned that eggs and dairy are actually MORE cruel to animals than meat production, it was an easy decision to go full-compassion. In becoming vegan, I quickly discovered that compassion for animals extends far beyond the dinner table. This is why I will not buy or wear leather, ride horses, support zoos, etc.

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In 2015, I coined the neologisms “malzoism” and “malzoan” because there were no true antonyms to the words “veganism” or “vegan”.

“A malzoan is a person who condones, promotes, or actively engages in non-human animal exploitation, enslavement, reproductive abuse, torture, murder, consumption, or commodification. The philosophy and worldview that is accepting of this behavior is known as malzoism.”


Malzoism is therefore the opposite of veganism and a malzoan is anyone who is not a vegan. | Malzoism Facebook Page